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Menthol Shower Spray with Menthol and Organic Eucalyptus

Our Menthol and Eucalyptus Shower Spray will make every shower feel like a day at the spa. If you love shower steamers, but hate how fast they disolve away, think of this as a liquid shower steamer .. it lasts and lasts.

Our orignal shower spray is a shower steamer in a bottle. We took minty menthol crystals and added them into organic eucalyptus essential oil to create a powerful addition to your self care and wellness routine to use - spray on to shower walls before shower being careful not to walk into spray as it will irritate your eyes and possibly your skin. NOT INTENDED FOR SKIN.

keep well out of reach of children and pets and people that don't read labels in a secured cabinet.  check your sauna manual to see if appropriate for use in sauna

 ingredients - water, menthol crystals, organic eucalyptus essential oil, polysorbate 80, preservative

8 ounces