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Body Spray Fragrance with Natural Deodorizer

Our natural Deodorizing Body Spray Fragrance is made with zinc ricineolate, an all natural plant based deodorizing agent. Made with phthalate free fragrances (free from hormone disruptors) and essential oils and minimal ingredients.

ingredients: water, zinc ricineolate (natural deodorizer), optiphen (paraben and formaldehyde free preservative), vegetable based glycerin, pthalate free (no hormone disruptors) fragrance or essential oil

Seashore Sandalwood - sandalwood, lavender and vanilla

Cashmere Coast - cashmere and warm vanilla

Pacific Fig - fig, caramel and pine

Salty Dog - salty ocean and lime

Coral Reef - eqyptian amber

Sand Dune - Indian sandalwood