Scented Bath Crayons - Soap Crayons for the Bathtub!

Bath Crayons - Just when you thought you couldn't have any more fun in the bathtub! Draw a portrait.. write your to do list, maybe your morning affirmations.. or a loving reminder for a special friend <3

Vegan Friendly

Phthalate Free

Packaged in Biodegradable shrink wrap

Ingredients - Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitan Oleate, Oat Protein, Titanium Dioxide, phalate free fragrance, fd&c dyes

Only for use as intended, see directions on package.

Red - berrry

Orange - Mandarin

Yellow - Lemon Cake

Green - Fresh succulent

Blue - Melon, Orange Slice and Lime Peel

Purple - Fruit Loops

5 ounces